About Us

Who are we?  That is always a hard question to answer.

I am Brian Scott

Brian working on Bee HivesI am a Husband and a Father.  I enjoy modern life and its conveniences, but I also worry about what it is doing to us.  Food health and nutritional safety is of utmost importance to me.  Both of my daughters work in our operaiton.  Kiara works in the Beekeeping Supply Shop and Payton bottles honey.  

I am a Beekeeper.  We operate about 850 beehives in Simcoe County.  We produce Honey, Harvest Bee Pollen and Propolis and at the end of the year we process Beeswax.  We also Breed Queens and Bees, Teach Beekeeping Courses, Mentor many and do Public Speaking to promote both Beekeeping, Sustainability and Local Agriculture.  If you are interested in becoming a Beekeeper, please visit the Shop.

I am a Farmer.  We farm 11 acres.  We have a flock of Sheep, I raise 2 breeds of Heritage Breed Chicken and 1 breed of Heritage Breed Turkey.  We produce a lot of our own meat.  Also, people forget that keeping bees is farming.  Honey Bees are also livestock that is being nurtured to produce a crop.  Beekeepers and Traditional Farmers need to work together to repair and rejuvenate our land to ensure that it can produce food that humans can eat.

If you are interested in having an entertaining and opinionated speaker at your event please contact me.  I like to share my passion for Beekeeping, farming, food production and homesteading.

Any questions or comments please let us know.


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