Buy Local... Know Who Your Food Comes From

About Us

Who are we?  That is always a hard question to answer.

I am Brian Scott.


Brian working on Bee HivesI am a Husband and a Father.  I enjoy modern life and its conveniences, but I also worry about what it is doing to us.  Food health and nutritional safety is of utmost importance to me.  I have noticed in the last 10 - 15 years that my body cannot function properly on the food that the corporate farms are producing.  I want my family to be happy, healthy and to grow up fed well both physically and spiritually.

I am a Beekeeper.  I operate over 650 beehives in Simcoe County.  We produce Honey, Harvest Bee Pollen and Propolis and at the end of the year we process Beeswax.  I also Breed Queens and Bees, Teach Beekeeping Courses, Mentor many and do Public Speaking to promote both Beekeeping, Sustainability and Local Agriculture.  If you are interested in becoming a Beekeeper, please visit our Beekeeping Supply Website at

I am a Farmer.  We farm 11 acres.  We have a flock of Sheep, I raise 2 breeds of Heritage Breed Chicken and 1 breed of Heritage Breed Turkey.  We produce a lot of our own meat and also sell Lamb, Eggs, Chicken and Turkey on a small scale.  Also, people forget that keeping bees is farming.  They are also livestock that is being nurtured to produce a crop.  Beekeepers and Traditional Farmers need to work together to repair and rejuvenate our land to ensure that it can produce food that humans can eat.

I am a Canadian.

If you are interested in having an entertaining and opinionated speaker at your event please contact me.  I like to share my passion for Beekeeping, farming, food production and homesteading.

Any questions or comments please let us know.